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Blendtec Blenders & Accessories

 Blendtec Blenders & Accessories

From the entry-level vlaue EZ to the stong, silent type in the Q-Series, Blendtec blenders make life smoother. Today, all around the world people use Blendtec blenders in their homes, restaurants, smoothie shops, coffee shops, and more. BONUS! Currently, there are product manufacturer incentives to repay the cost of your new commercial blender. Ask for details.

  • The EZ model is for the small or low-volume blending demands, offers top performance with a 13-amp, 30 pre-programmed blend cycles with a compatible FourSide jar. Warranty: 1 year or 5,000 cycles includes parts, labor and one-way freight.
  • The SpaceSaver model packs big power with a tiny footprint, with the ability to rest either above or below the countertop. The Spacesaver model has a 15-amp motor, 30 per-programmed blend cycles and is compatible with FourSide, Wildside and Twister jars. Warranty: 1 year or 10,000 cycles includes full parts, labor, and freight.
  • The Q-Series is designed to deliver industry leading performance with half the audible sound. The Q-Series features a 15- amp motor, 30 pre-programmed blend cycles, includes 2 jars, can program blend cycles with your computer, has custom jar graphics available, and can be installed directly into your countertop. Warranty: 2 years or 15,000 cycles. The 20 amp is 3 years or 20,000 cycles with a lifetime warranty on the motor drive socket.

  • Blendtec Blenders & Accessories Products

    Blendtec 3 qt WildSide Jar with Blade and Lid
    Price $125.00
    Blendtec EZ Blender with 2 FourSide Jars
    Price $470.00
    Blendtec Q-Series with 2 WildSide Jars
    Price $1135.00
    Blendtec Rapid Rinser Station
    Price $355.00
    Blendtec SpaceSaver with 2 WildSide Jars
    Price $795.00
    Blendtec Stealth with 2 WildSide Jars
    Price $1370.00

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