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Pasta Cookers Desco gas and electric pasta cookers are the most versatile pasta cookers on the market today. Each cooking tank is stamped from one piece of stainless steel, thus eliminating welds and seams. A highly efficient starch skimming system keeps the cooking water starch-free. A variety of basket sizes are available.
    Standard Features:
  • Individual water fills and drains controls.
  • Independent heat controls for each tank.
  • All tanks are high quality stainless steel (AISI 316)
  • Separate starch overflow drains systems
  • Various baskets configurations
  • Hot water in 10 min.
  • Cold water in 27 min.
  • Reach operating temperature quickly.
  • Cook different foods simultaneously like pasta, rice, fish, vegetables, meats or potatoes.
  • Maintain a constant boil during the complete cooking cycle to guarantee that foods are cooked to perfection.
  • Save money with DESCO's highly efficient heating system.

Parts: We inventory and supply parts for the Desco Pasta Cookers. Please click here to our parts and service page.
For more information and spec sheets, please click here to our dedicated Desco website.

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