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For over fifty years, The Cora Family has been known primarily as an importer of Italian specialty equipment and supplies to serve the café and restaurant industry.

John Cora left his native Torino in 1960 to join and work with his father in the US when many knew the Cora name as one of the first producers of a special aromatic wine called Vermouth—a wine that two Cora brothers first brought to America in 1838

By the time John’s father, Peter Cora, came to the USA, however, the aperitif market was in crisis, and he decided to introduce something totally new and different: espresso coffee and opened a very successful coffee bar in the bustling streets of Chicago. That business continues to grow, serving thousands of clients by providing specialty café products, equipment and service.

Nevertheless, the Cora family’s passion for good wine hasn’t died. It resurfaced; in fact, every time members of the family travel to Italy. They are reminded that the wine, unlike that which is normally sold in the USA, is not mass-produced; it frequently comes from a small, family-owned vineyard just a few miles away from the restaurant one would be dining in and in a bottle with a deceiving plain label; though, always excellent.

Five years ago, while visiting a small vineyard in Italy, John Cora had a chance to meet with Marco Vacchetti, one of Italy’s largest distributors of grape plants, and Marco Pisoni, one of Italy’s finest producers of biodynamic wines. Together, the Marcos, not only know a countless number of small vineyards but, like the Cora family, also believe in biodynamic agriculture (the oldest form of sustainable, organic farming).

During his trip, John learned that many of these traditional family vineyards would soon disappear because they are unable to compete against the large wine cooperatives and industrial wine producers. Thus, in October 2007, Marco Vacchetti, John Cora, and Marco Pisoni founded Cantine Cora Srl, with the goal of exporting micro-vineyard wines made using sustainable, organic farming techniques. Cora Imports is the exclusive importer of these wines into the United States.

Each year our companies are determined to identify the best of Italy’s small wine producers and to bring them to the US Market. We wish to leave a lasting, magnificent and rich taste of Italian tradition on your taste buds with every glass. Cora Imports is not only dedicated, but truly passionate about the wines they bring to you. Saulte!

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